ADNOL TM TS - Antioxidant

ADNOL is our brand for process stabilizers / long-term heat stabilizers in plastics processing. Whether in the production, compounding or recycling of polyamides - we have a solution for all applications in our modular formulations.

Technical Data for ADNOL TSPC:

Optimization of the stabilizing effect

For high temperature applications, polyamides have been effectively stabilized "since time immemorial" by blends of CuI / KI. In the meantime, alternatives have been developed, with the question of which ratio of copper to iodine is necessary for an optimal stabilizing effect. This is always a question of price; iodine prices have risen sharply in the past.

With ADNOL TSPC, Liquichem offers several stabilizers in which the ratio CuI / KI or NaI is only 1: 6 compared to competitor products with a ratio of 1: 8. The types ADNOL TSPC 55 and ADNOL TSPC 70 contain a combination of iodide and bromide.

Optimization of the salt content

Another development goal was to keep the proportion of salt-like additives in the polyamide as low as possible, since this impairs the performance properties of the polyamide, e.g. in electrical applications (tracking resistance). On the basis of Bayer patents (1968), the copper complex stabilizers were developed by traditional competitors in which organic halogen compounds are used instead of halogen salts. These products have also been successfully established in many applications for decades. Due to the changed market requirements, there is also potential for improvement here, which can be demonstrated by a new Cu stabilizer with a very low halogen content offered by Liquichem. In a direct comparison with the types mentioned above, comparable results were found in heat aging tests. Liquichem will introduce this future-oriented representative of the next generation onto the market (ADNOL TSPC 20, preparation in wax pellets, 2-5 mm, addition 0.2% for 100 ppm Cu).

Handling and dosage form

ADNOL is a very fine powder with grain sizes from 5µ to 100µ.

The ADNOL stabilizers can also be offered as dust-free granulates.

Whether by compacting the powder and adjusting it to a grain size range of 2-5 mm, or by placing it in a wax carrier that can also serve as a processing aid.

Results of thermal aging

Research results from the last 2 years are currently available, where the effectiveness of various commercially available copper stabilizers in PA66 GF30 was determined at 180 ° C.

For better comparability, the measurements were made with the same amount of 100 ppm Cu = 300 ppm CuI.

With a mixing ratio CuI / KI of 1: 6 in ADNOL TSPC 20, the same good results are achieved as with a competitor product with a ratio of 1: 8.
The types ADNOL TSPC 70 and ADNOL TSPC 55, in which KI has been partially replaced by KBr (Cu / Halogen = 1:12), are just as effective in the 3000 h test as the pure iodide-based types. ADNOL TSPC 55 is only added at 0.2%, so it offers the best price-performance ratio overall, so it is also preferable to ADNOL TSPC 70.
The latest development product "ADNOL TSPC 20" gives comparably good results in direct comparison with the classic Cu / halogen stabilizers.


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